Компьютеризированная скоростная бобинорезательная машина DFQ-1300 C3-2,спецификация


I. Основные технические параметры

1. Перерабатываемый материал: PET, PE, BOPP, CPP

2. Толщина материала: 12-150um

3. Ширина роля: 500-1300mm

4. Диаметр роля на размотке: 800mm

5. Втулка: 3″, 6″ paper core

6. Максимальная ширина втулки: 1300mm

7. Минимальная ширина втулки: 500mm

8. Ширина перемотки: 50-1300mm

9. Основной Мотор: 5.5KW

10. Максимальная ширина: 1350mm

11. Диаметр бумажной шпули на намотке: 3″

12. Диаметр ролей на намотке: 2 X 600mm (мах. В процессе перемотки)

13. Машинная скорость: max 400m/min

   (зависит от перематываемого материала, ширины нарезки, равномерности джамба роля и качества бумажных шпуль)

14. Система нарезки: прямые ножи

15. Габариты машины: 3500mm X 3300mm X 1500mm

16. Внешняя система:

A. Электричество: 380V±10% 50Hz±5% 3 phrase AC.

B. Пневматика: чистый, 0.6MPA.

C. Относительная влажность воздуха в месте инсталляции: Max. 60%

D. Температура: max. 35.


II. Основная конфигурация:

A. Размотка:

1.     Безшпиндельная  (Пневматические тормоза 160NM, RE, Italy)

2.     Основной узел размотки включает: станину, направляющие, контроль натяжения, transition platform etc.

3.     The two unwinding arm brought along by the motor can remove relatively to adjust the distance between the unwinding arm. For the purpose of fit for unwind core width change from 500mm to 1300mm

4.     Unwind core clamp: Each coil of unwind shaft lifted by the coil loader to the working position, supported up by cylinder.

5.     Clamp collet is 3″, 6″ machine collet

6.     Web guide system: Applied ultrasonic web guide device, used for edge control, camera is fixed on the transition platform, unwind shelf can be adjusted on the unwind shelf board, web guide range: ±60mm

7.     Tension control: Adopt Pneumatic brake, for constant tension control. It will pro rata change as the unwind film roll become smaller. When there is an emergency brake, the pressure on the brake is temporary pressure. PLC on the main controller, calculate the unwind diameter and output the signal for I/P, to adjust the brake pressure.

8.     Transition platform: upside transit film

9.     A pulse generator used for measure the rotate speed of unwind film roll.


B. Drive device:   

1. Main drive: An AC vector frequency change motor, use special belt to transfer the power to the driven roller.

2. A guide roll for guide the film.

3. An flatten roll, use V type belt drag by driven roll. Flatten roll has fixed camber, while the film become wrinkled due to uncertain reasons, flatten roll adjust film to flat.

4. Two drive roll, formed S shape, strengthen the film transition ability. And effectively cut off the interact between the unwind tension and rewind tension.


C. Slitting Device:

1. Slitting type: Grooved roller, roller surface length is 1350mm. Equip with 10 cutting knives. Apply speedy adjusting knives structure, pneumatic drive the knives. ( Circular knife cutting system for option)

2. Guide roll is behind the cutting roll, use for guide the slitted film to the upper and nether rewind shafts respectively.


D. Rewind Device:

1. Shaft for central rewind, two rewind shafts (upper and nether) is installed in the same plane.

2. Rewind Driver: 2 AC vector frequency changer, use synchronical belt drive the rewind shaft.

3. Equip with 2 pcs of 3″ inflatable friction different rewind shaft. Each bearing within 200kg.

4. Rewind diameter: Max. 600mm

5. 3″ air shaft for option, which can replace the 3″inflatable friction shaft, to slit and rewind the material. Max rewind diameter: 600mm

6. Rewind shaft equip with special steel ball friction set, put into the paper core, run in the rewind direction, the steel ball once stand out, the paper core shall be fixed.

7. Interior of the rewind shaft vented with air, the air pressure is decided by I/P. PLC in the main operator, automatically calculate and output signals for I/P according to the rewind diameter, running inertia and given tension curves etc. Rewind moment transferred to the friction set by air pressure. Due to the difference of the rewind width, differential moment is generated between the friction sets. The same rewind shaft can rewind film with different width, rewind width can be set with in the range of 50-1300mm.

8. Tension control: Operate the parameter which effect the tension by using PLC, control the air pressure of friction rewind shaft, adjusting the rewind tension.

9. Upper rider roll: equip with 2 pcs of 1350mm upper constant voltage rider roll. Upper rider roll’s pressure is controlled by cylinder.

10: Rewind motor: 2 X 4KW AC/ 3phrase vector frequency changer.


E. Waste Edge Device: Air blow away, with the ability of not less than 12umPET*20mm


F. Unload Roller Device:

1. The main structure of unload roller device is upper and nether two parallel rolls. The rollers can move round the central shaft, the length is 1100mm.


G. Control Box and Operate Panel

1. Main electric control box: Power supply: AC380V 50HZ DC24V, with PLC, and drive module etc.

2. Operate panel: include touch screen, signal display, adjusting valve, etc.

3. Touch screen can display the machine’s given running state, running mode and running parameter. Such as: Rewinding diameter---Rewinding tension characteristic graphs, machine speed--- Rewinding tension characteristic graphs etc.

4. Signal display includes running state display, fault display, emergency stop state display, operating switch display.

III. Main Configuration List:


Product Name




1 set

Japan Mitsubishi

Touching Screen

1 set


Unwind motor

1 set

Germany –China Joint Venture

Main drive vector frequency

changing motor

1 set

Germany- China Joint Venture

Rewind vector frequency

changing motor

2 sets

Germany –China Joint Venture

Frequency changer

3 sets

Japan Mitsubishi

Web guidet

1 set


I/P main pneumatic component

1 series

Japan SMC

Flatten roller device

1 set



1 series

C3 Dynamical bearing

3″ Slip rewind shaft

2 pcs

Taiwan Joint Venture

Following device is not in the scope of supply:

1.     3″ air shaft directly rewind, each bearing 300KG, charges 560 USD per piece.

2.     Coil unloader used for unload the jumbo roll: 240 USD/ set

3.     Two pieces of 6″ air shaft used for slitting purpose, charges 1120 USD per piece.